Monday, December 6, 2010

We've been robbed! Well not really, we just sold it all.

We did it! We sold every single thing we owned in 9 hrs this past Saturday and it felt GREAT! (Can you sense the sarcasm?) It was actually really hard. Well...the selling part wasn't hard, considering we had about 100 people come in and out of our condo handing us money quicker than we could say "sold." Every time we would turn around we realized something else was gone, so the day was a bit of a blur. The hardest part was tagging all of our items for a fraction of a fraction of what we bought it for. For example, let say we bought a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous dress for $150 one year, we probably would have sold it for $4. Just $4, and I only wore it twice!!!! Yes, this actually happened if you can't tell by now.

So this is how it all went down....The night before our sale we had Nate's mother, Karen, come up and help us tag and organize all of our stuff. She was an incredible help and I seriously don't think we could have done it with out her. It was a rough night. I slept about 2 hrs, I didn't eat anything for about 32 hrs (well...I probably drank my body weight in coffee), I cried probably twice and almost had a melt down, but "gosh darn it" we did it! I can honestly say that I am at peace with it all, OK you got me, I am not totally at peace with it yet, but I am getting there. I have probably vacuumed my floors 7 times since the sale just because I feel a bit violated having so many people walk in and out of my house and touch everything I own and then practically steal it! When you sell something for 25 cents you feel like you have been robbed. Seriously, you do. Anyway, we made some good money and now we will be taking that money and trying to buy all the items we need to be "Americanized" while in the Peace Corps. Funny how even when we try to embrace a new lifestyle and culture we still want to live at a certain comfort level. Oh well...

Needless to say,we slept in our empty apartment last night on our aero bed in the living room floor next to a candle. Our bedroom is now acting like a staging room for all of our Peace Corps luggage. It's nicely laid out on the floor and organized. Oh how I LOVE being organized. So, even though I slept pretty uncomfortably (it's weird sleeping on the floor in your own place; you almost feel like a stranger), I feel like my life just became uncluttered and extremely simple and that feeling is quite wonderful. For the next 10 days we will be "practicing" what our life will be like for the next two years. Eek! And I know what I am about to say will sound cheesy, but some day Nate and I will honestly be able to say that we "lived on just love." Many people say they don't need anything but each other, well we are truly about to find out, and to be honest it's a really exciting feeling.

Till next time!


  1. And to quote one of my favorite Eagles' songs "Love will keep us alive"! Put it on the ipod for those moments....Missing y'all already - HLS

  2. lol, I wish I knew...we live right down the street. Good luck with guys are awesome!

  3. Wow, congrats! I'm so happy for you and hope you have better luck keeping your blog up than I have :)