Saturday, January 8, 2011

Humidity is not my friend!

I know what you're thinking… but we lived in Florida, not only Florida but in "The Swamp," so what am I complaining about? Well if you have ever lived in a place where you constantly feel like your clothes are wet or every single piece of paper in a book looks like a glass of water has been poured on it and then rung out, then maybe you might understand my dismay. I am not even living in Guyana yet and I think culture shock, well really "environmental" shock, is beginning to hit.

We have been in Puerto Rico for two weeks visiting my family in the country-side and receiving guests from the states. It has been an intense two weeks of sightseeing and party after party… I know, we lead a hard life ;). However, every time we take our friends and family to the airport, I get more anxious that I am not getting on a plane back to my predictable (and humidity-free!) life, instead I am getting on an airplane to well... I don't actually know what to expect in my new host country. I think our time here in PR has been a good transition from our air-conditioned condo life in Gainesville to all that Guyana has in store for us. For example, the humidity… I hate it!! It makes my hair look like I am a Greek Goddess, and not one of the pretty lay-on-a-plush-chair-and-feed-me-grapes Greek Goddesses… I look like Medusa, you know the ugly one with snakes for hair. This is taking a bigger toll on me than it usually would, and I think the real reason is because I feel like I have no control over anything right now, especially not my hair. Don't get me wrong, I used to live in Puerto Rico so I am a bit used to the climate and the way things are done here, but I moved when I was 13 and since then I only visit once a year for no longer than 4 days and then back to the states I go. So this has been a bit of an adjustment. Not to mention that Nate and I have been sleeping in a different bed every couple nights. We have been living out of a suitcase for five weeks and we still have another 13 weeks to go. It has gotten to the point that I wake up almost every morning and forget where I am and it takes me a good minute to figure out where the heck I am sleeping.

But enough of the complaining. Other than that I have been a non-stop buffet for mosquitoes and I look like I just got out of a wind tunnel, the last four weeks have been pretty awesome! We spent two weeks in Melbourne, FL with Nate's parents and his brother for Christmas and then off to Puerto Rico we went. We’ve quickly been learning the ropes here, especially how to get to the airport as we get to go pretty much every few days to pick up a new friend or family member that has come to visit us here.

We have been keeping pretty busy. Between showing our friends the island of Puerto Rico,roasting a pig for New Year's eve, making dinner for no less that 13 people at a time, Nate learning how to kill a chicken, pluck it, carve it and cook it (trust me, these skills will come in handy), spending time with the hundreds of family members of mine that live on this island and trying to get ready for Guyana, our days are practically flying by. And even though I catch myself becoming misty-eyed more and more regularly, I think it's been good that our minds have been kept occupied. I am pretty sure we would be driving each other nuts if not for all the stimulation of family, friends, and food.

I know I speak for the both of us when I say that we feel extremely lucky with all the support and love we have received. This experience so far has taught us how much we really cherish our friends and family and all the different types of relationships we have developed individually and as a couple. Take it from us who are practically "traveling gypsies" at the moment, when you have friends and family that accept, love and not only support you, but carry you on their shoulders, you feel at home every day. This just means all you wonderful people who took a nice vacation to see us in Puerto Rico thinking that if you visited us now you wouldn't have to come later, I am sorry to break it to you, you better make to Guyana too. We just love you way too much!

The last four weeks have been a blur, but a good blur. I keep wondering if things will eventually slow down, and I think the answer is no. I honestly don't think I would want it any other way, well that's not entirely true. I just wish mother earth and I could chat a bit and get this humidity thing under control. But just like everything else, that too I will get used to and then I will find something new to rant about.

Till next time.

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  1. Lies! Your hair looks wonderful as usual, silly girl. Nate's hair also looks stunning...needless to say. Good luck to you guys. I know you're going to be amazing.