Saturday, March 19, 2011

Guyana Snapshots

Liming (Guyanese for "chilling")

At training learning about breast feeding.

Talking to home.

Grillin it.

Gaffing (Guyanese for "talking") before getting sent to training.

Guyanese money... 200 Guyanese dollars to $1 USD

Making chicken the old school way.

Melting faces.

A sari given to Ilana by our host family's neighbor.

It was alive and trying to flip over (phone for scale).

Eslyn and Aaron, our first host parents, making a broom from a palm frond.


  1. Nate, your practice at home killing chickens has paid off, u look like a pro!! Great Job xo

    Ilana u look adorable in your sari xo

  2. EWWWW! Is that a roach?!?! Just say no to bugs on hormones....

    And yes, Nate you look like a real chicken killer now! :)