Tuesday, January 31, 2012

...IC!!! EPIC!!!*

Noemster and Ilana making a postcard.
I can honestly say, without a hint of exaggeration, that our recent trip to Barbados was the BEST vacation that I’ve ever had and I know Ilana feels the same way. It’s hard to put into words just how awesome it was.  To try to use a simile, if this vacation had been a concert it would be like if Led Zeppelin played a reunion show for your surprise birthday after finding out that John Bonham hadn’t actually been dead this whole time he’d just been gone working on his masterpiece, a whole new kind of bacon that gives  you a 6-pack, slows aging, and prevents cancer.... it was like that. 

Barbados as a whole was extraordinary. With a population of only about 300,000 it’s small enough to feel like a community. It is also very developed: extremely clean, potable water from every tap, electricity all the time, and everywhere we went the people were super nice (even outside tourist hotspots).  

Ilana and I arrived 2 days earlier than everyone. We spent our 3rd anniversary at the Butterfly Beach Hotel, which was really nice. The hotel was not crazy expensive, right on the ocean, walking distance to a supermarket=  awesome.  We definitely experienced a period of adjustment going from remote Guyana to Barbados (hence the reason we dropped a serious wad at the supermarket our first night (mostly on salad ingredients, cheese, and wine (ok and bacon))). 

Then, they came. Some might say we had our cake and ate it too. Others might say it was like watching a cake ice itself, cut itself up, then dance it’s way onto your fork. First Noemi, sweet sweet Noemi. Then Alex and Cat, glorious. Then, about an hour before the New Year began, Drew and Hibby (is there an emoticon for holding back a tear?). Again, I’m having trouble finding words. 

I got a little excited to see the washing machine.

About what transpired from then, it is only fair to say “holy $@%, that was the best $@^*%@^ time of my life.” We laughed, we sang, we gained a combined weight of 14 pounds (just Ilana and me). I literally woke up each morning saying, “man, that was the best dream....” and then I’d realize it was really happening. 

'Nuf said.
Activities included: going to beautiful beaches, snorkelling with sea turtles, going on a pleasure cruise, swimming in caves, taste testing rum, karaokeing, mini bussing, and eating delicious food the best of which was prepared by Ilana and Drew.

For those thinking about going to Barbados and interested in the details of the trip, this is what we found worked well for us:
Staying in a 3 bedroom condo in St Lawrence Gap (called the Terraces), close enough to bars that it was walking distance, but far enough that it wasn’t loud. Thanks to Noemi, our card-carrying travel agent superpal, for finding it. I think my compatriots would agree that the condo made it the best vacation2.
Were able to take the mini bus to Carlisle Bay, where you can snorkel with ship wrecks and turtles. We also did a 6-hour catamaran tour there that was this** good. We used a crew called Jammin and would highly HIGHLY recommend them.

Pleasure cruise.
We went to Oistins Famous Fish Fry Fridays to on a Friday, but were happy to discover that it’s better to go on a weeknight because there were alot fewer people. At the pier right behind the fish market you can take the guts of the fresh you just bought and feed it to sea turtles for free. We got in and swam with them there too.
To the northern parts of the island we went to a beach called Sheba Bath that looked right out of a James Bond movie. Also went to Harrison Cave and Animal Flower Cave.
Rum tour close to Bridgetown is fun if you love Mt Gay rum, but it’s not actually where they distil it. For that you have to go to a different place up the island. 

Animal Flower Cave.
Thanks to our friends for coming and seeing us in Barbados. We look at the photos often and say that was just one of many awesome vacations we’re going to have with you guys. Alex, it was ok to see you too I guess. Our plan of joining the Peace Corps to get you to buy us an iPad has finally worked. Didn’t see that coming did you? Gra

*Works better with “legendary”.
**As good as the blacked out parts from Hang Over but on a boat.


Coincidence or Barbados love bubble magic?

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  1. I love you guys. Thanks for the lump in the throat! Gra`