Friday, February 17, 2012

One Year In!

Normally I only post blogs when we have cool cultural experiences to share, but this week has been an abnormally super-stellar week, so I thought I would quickly share the reasons for my glowing attitude, since days, especially weeks, like these don't occur on the regular. First of all, on the 15th of Feb. we celebrated our one year in country. Can you believe it? Time flies when you are in the bush.

Ok, so this week we got to travel out of our site and spend it in Georgetown to train the new volunteers. Even though Nate and I were apart for a few days, I got to visit my original host family in St. Cuthbert's. They hadn't seen me since I was medically-evacuated. It was pretty surreal to be back, but super enjoyable. Then Nate and I met up to spend two nights in town which meant hot showers, eating pizza, burgers, cheese and drinking wine and watching TV in Air-conditioning! Can you say SCORE?

But the coolest thing is that this week Nate got published in Guyana's national newspapers, the
Starbroek News and the Chronicle, due to his incredible work with adult literacy in a small Amerindian village in Region 1, Tobago Hill. He also published his first article on our friend's, Mike Jones, NGO's website, Open Equal So freakin proud of him.

And on a small personal note Nate and I were featured in a Valentine's day article in
The Alligator, which is my alma matter's newspaper. So yeah it's been a good week.

Till next time.

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