Thursday, December 13, 2012

THANK YOU! Our Youth Friendly Space is Complete!

After months of fundraising and work, our Youth Friendly Space is finally completed and kicking butt. Every day after school youth from all ages (6-17) come and enjoy the Youth Friendly Space, which has a reading corner, homework help, Wii video games, computer help, arts and crafts, sports (volleyball, basketball, soccer, and cricket), and board games. On Wednesdays Nate and I have our weekly Club H.E.A.T  in the space, which now allows us to use PowerPoint and show cool videos and on Fridays we have a movie afternoon, kids choice.

Youth in the community literally sprint from the school to the space just to get the best seats and games. They love it and its evident they do because on average we have 20-35 kids a day, who we have to kick out each afternoon, because if it was up to them they would sleep there. We are so thankful to all who contributed to this project both monetary and emotionally. It was quite the tasks, with lots of unexpected challenges along the way, but well worth it. The community of Mabaruma thanks you, the youth thank you and Nate and I THANK YOU.

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