Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our Thanksgiving in Guyana

Lizzy (World Teach), Ilana (gorgeous), Emily (PC), Kristin (PC), Inga and Fiona (Project Trust)
Ilana and I shared Thanksgiving with about 25 other foreign volunteers for various organizations (World Teach, Project Trust, Wings for Humanity, Peace Corps). Some folks who do med-evacs for our region were able to fly in 2 turkeys from Georgetown...  sadly they had to die to fly.  

Suzanne (World Teach), Judd (Wings for Humanity pilot), and our turkey friends

 Everyone brought different dishes to contribute. We made the biscuits and Mom’s famous Magic Cookie Bars, which were a huge hit.

We even had a big hairy local special guest join us for desert. A face-sized tarantula appeared on the ceiling as we were finishing the meal. Springing into action, one of the boys who lives in the house caught the beast and brought her down for all of us to enjoy. Do I smell a new tradition in the Echevarria-Stewart house?

Didn't you mother ever tell you not to play with tarantulas at the Thanksgiving table?
Hey Alex, you want to come down to Thanksgiving next year?

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  1. Hi Nate!
    I am not sure if you are still using the email address I have, so I will post here as well.

    Sidney and I have been following your blog. Sid loves the pictures and I am enjoying every little detail. She is in Girl Scouts and every year they have a “World Thinking Day”. Each troop picks from a list of countries, they prepare a demonstration table and share information with other troops. Guyana was on the list this year and the girls picked it hoping to possibility establish a pen pal relationship with some of your students. I thought you might like the idea, but there wasn’t a chance to ask you before they voted. They knew I had not asked you yet, so no pressure.

    The girls will be doing their research on Guyana, but any suggests you may have for their table would be greatly appreciated. They are looking to include decorations, a food item or game from Guyana and/or clothing or costumes. They can also develop a skit or song.

    Is there anything they can do to help provide for you students?

    Hope all is well, keep the blogs coming!

    Leslie Washburn