Saturday, December 3, 2011

HEAT! HEAT! HEAT...Movie Night

So remember in my last blog I mentioned that I ran a club with an awesome name and that we were hosting a movie night soon as a fundraiser...well this past Friday we had our first one. Club HEAT hosted a Christmas theme movie night, which means we watched Ernest Saves Christmas, not my first choice but the kids loved it. We had a total of 30 kids attend and made a profit of $8,000 GYD, which is equivalent to $40 USD! We sold popcorn bags for $.50 and charged $1 for a seat, and we only spent $900 GYD ($4.50USD), so our profit margin was great.

Prepping the popcorn bags.

My club members were very proud of their successful event and the kids seemed to have fun doing something on a Friday night. Most of the kids that attended are from the dormitories. These kids live at the school during the term, because they live to far to travel each day on the river. They normally don't have anything to do, so I think we may have started a little monthly activity for the community.

We even had a community vendor come and sell additional snacks.

Till next time.

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