Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Love Bubble Comes to Guyana

Aboard Lance's minibus to Mahdia.

Ilana and I are still experiencing love bubble withdrawals from the recent visit we had with my brother Alex and our close friend Noemi (and Cat who was with us in spirit). Since I have a tendency to hype stuff, I'll try to let the pictures do the talking. 

Boating up the Potaro River to Amatuk Island.


Rambo's girlfriend

Ilana on arrival on Amatuk Island.

Alex scouting from a tree above the cabin.

Camping is about priorities, and the girls wasted no time correctly setting up camp.

Alex, Ilana, and Noemi swimming in what we later found out was piranha infested waters.  

Father Nature

Exploring Amatuk Island

In a small pool at Amatuk Falls.

Noemster drinking it in.

Alex and I holding up the "map" we were given for the hike up to Kaieteur Falls.

Taking a break on the 3 hour hike up to Kaieteur Falls.
We found Kaieteur. I strongly believe everyone needs to see this place before they die.

The river in the distance is where we boated and camped. We hiked up the left side, Alex did it in flip-flops.

You can get so close (too close?) that it feels like your looking right at god's cleavage. 

The gang with Steve, a guide for another group, but one bad mo-fo of a cook.

Back in Region 1. Noemi, Ilana, and Emily on a trail to Jumping Tree.

Alex happy that he found his sandal. It was only elbow deep in jungle.

Ilana, Noemi, and Alex on top of Jumping Tree.

Water coconuts aren't going to knock themselves off the tree.

Me and my GUY-tech grilling station.
The gang sipping some "imported" (i.e. smuggled) Venezuelan beers.

Whether it was bouncing around in a minibus, eating curry and roti, tromping through muddy snake-infested jungles, or peaking off a cliff into the bowels of the Earth... Ilana and I will definitely never forget the time we got to share together. Thank you guys for coming to visit us in Guyana. We had the BEST time sharing this beautiful and diverse country with you guys. We promised it would be the most different experience you'd ever had. I hope we delivered.

Much love,
  Nate and Ilana


  1. Just looking at the photos of the falls made me nervous! Nate, you got too close!! It looks beautiful though. Just checking in on you guys, glad you are doing well.

  2. Hey Kristen! Thanks for checking in on us, and congrats to you and Matt on the expectation of a new addition :)

    If you think I got too close, I should post the pictures of my brother Alex taking what he called a "life shower." Yep, he stood in it.