Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I grew up on the Street...Sesame Street!

Often in Peace Corps, or any development work really, you plant a seed that’s shade you will never rest under. In other words you put your blood, sweat and tears in projects that you don’t know what the outcome or effect will be. But every once in a while you do a small tangible project that seems silly at first and becomes more rewarding than expected. About two weeks ago two of our PCV friends Emily Bergling and Carissa Cartas came to help Nate and I liven up our Maternal and Child Health unit by adding some Sesame Street characters with health promotion slogans on the walls. It was a full weekend activity that was successful in adding four murals to the once blank walls. The process was pretty simple of projecting the pictures onto the walls with a projector and then painting them in. Carissa, a pretty awesome volunteer, has been travelling all over Guyana and helping other PCVs add art to schools, health center’s, youth friendly spaces (like a YMCA) and even libraries. She spent a whole week guiding and helping us through the process. Just a little bit of art goes a long way.

Till next time.

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  1. It’s never too early to think about the Third Goal. Check out Peace Corps Experience: Write & Publish Your Memoir. Oh! If you want a good laugh about what PC service was like in a Spanish-speaking country back in the 1970’s, read South of the Frontera: A Peace Corps Memoir.