Friday, June 1, 2012

We need your help…

Let me first preface this post by saying that we are so grateful for all the support we have received from our family and friends and all the work we do in our community is really thanks to you. Now, less than 10 months before we close our service, we have identified what we feel is a very important project: the renovation of the Mabaruma Regional Conference Centre (or MRCC). The purpose of this renovation is to create a suitable venue for community activities. In development work, capacity building is the keystone to helping a community and this building would be a big step in that direction. 

Mabaruma is a small hinterland community in the northwest part of Guyana.  It is not accessible by land from the capital city of Georgetown, instead it is only accessible by air, which is very expensive or by water which is very dangerous and time consuming. Despite the challenges, many aid organizations are present in this region and do their best to supply the area with resources. Unfortunately because of lack of training, many of these valuable resources go unused, programs stagnate, and needy people are left without help. The most common reason that trainings do not occur is because there is not a suitable meeting space.  "We", Nate and I, believe that a "meeting of the minds" is an important function of any organization that's interested in finding consensus and making decisions for the future. That's why we feel the renovation of the MRCC is really needed for the development of our community. 

Presently the MRCC is in a state of disrepair in that it lacks shelter from the elements, electric current, adequate furniture, adequate ventilation, adequate sanitary facilities, and secure storage facilities. 
By helping us reach our goal of $9,582.20 you are directly helping the capacity building endeavors of the education and health departments, regional administration, religious organizations, as well as other public service organizations that require meeting space to conduct the advancement of their programs. 

Also, it’s a tax-deductible donation! Click Here to help us and our community. 

We thank you for your support and hope that you will pass on the message to your friends and family. 

Thank you,
Nate & Ilana 

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  1. Awesome project Nate and Ilana! I donated this morning!!!!
    -Megan Wagner